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Fine Wine & Spirits

Wednesday 12 December 2018 - 4pm start

Wellington Viewing

Tuesday 11 December 9am–5pm
Wednesday 12 December 9am–4pm


Compiled by our new wine expert Klaas

Dr Klaas Akkerman is the new head of the Wine department at Dunbar Sloane. Klaas brings a wealth of knowledge and a lifelong passion to the role. He has been a renowned wine collector and connoisseur in Australia and now in New Zealand. He has a thirst for learning more about wine, talking about wine and, of course, drinking wine. He has had the opportunity to drink many of the great wines of the world. He has a Masters of Wine Quality from the University of Western Sydney. Now domiciled in New Zealand, Klaas has established a small boutique wine business catering to NZ’s super lodges, restaurants and leading wine retailers. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with everyone and you will enjoy talking with him about his favourite subject.


Klaas Akkerman
PH. 022 321 2635

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Fine Wine & Spirits

Auction to be held at 
7 Maginnity Street

PH: 04 472 1367