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Ron Sang designed house and NZ contemporary art collection for sale Found in: Stuff

A house with what might be the biggest front door in Wellington is for sale - and its home to a huge art collection too.The 5.8 metre red wooden door is just one of a number of features that make the Ron Sang house in Lower Hutt stand out.

Recognised as one of New Zealand's most talented architects, there are believed to be just two other Sang houses in the region.

Realtor Lorraine Girvan said that in 30 years selling houses she had never seen anything like it.

A follower of Feng Sui, Sang designed houses to be a  "a better place to be in" aiming to blend the home into the environment

The contemporary  home sits above a stream, creating the illusion that the house is "floating" above the ground.

The entrance features Sang's signature over-sized front door that is impossible to miss.

Margaret Dick owned the home for many years and it features an extensive collection of 20th century New Zealand art, which will be sold separately.

Colin Dick is also selling the extensive art collection, which includes works by Toss Woollaston.

Her husband, Noel, was the company director for Angus Construction and the couple were serious art collectors.

Angus Construction built the Sir Michael Fowler designed Reserve Bank in 1972. When the bank was completed the contractors were encouraged to donate a painting to sit in the foyer with a plaque acknowledging their commitment to the project.

Noel Dick arranged for the Angus family to donate a painting by one his many favoured artists, Sam Cairncross, of Perretts Corner.

Years later, when the Bank put it up for sale, Dick purchased it and it hangs in the Penrose St property.

The entrance way to the Ron Sang designed house features a painting of Wellington Harbour by Melvin Day. Owner Colin Dick said he would be sad to see the house and its extensive art collection sold.

The house is currently occupied by Colin Dick but with the estate being sold so it can be divided between three siblings, the 80-piece art collection is being auctioned separately.

Colin said the collection which included significant works by Toss Woollaston, Colin McCahon, Ralph Hotere and Rita Angus, should fetch between $1.4 million and $1.9m.

The semi- retired accountant will be sad to see the house and the art collection sold, although he planned to bid on some of his favourites.

It had been a very enjoyable house to live in, with visitors inevitably commenting on one feature.

"Most people are blown away by the front door."

Girvan said valuing the unique house wasn't easy."I would say between $1.5m and $1.9m but I am really not sure."